Goin' Postal of Teays Valley

Welcome to Goin' Postal of Teays Valley!

Goin' Postal of Teays Valley is located near Walgreens and next to Papa John's in Teays Valley, we are here to serve you! It's not only the packaging and shipping through all the major carriers that sets us apart from the rest, but also the many extra services we provide for you. Visit our services page to learn more.

Brian & Janette founded Postal of Teays Valley in March of 2006. They lived in Kenna, near Ripley, but decided that the Teays Valley area was perfect the business. Janette was a Registered Nurse in Charleston, and Brian had 28 year career at Xerox Corporation.

Service with a smile is what Brian & Janette were all about. Now, that's continued by Caleb Turner, who is a Hurricane native and became owner on August 1, 2021.

We are not locked into one carrier like other stores. Come in and let us see what is best for you.

We help you determine your best option based on size, destination, and weight.